David Mancil


Brian Loftin

Rob Johnson

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MANZIL consists of Dave Mancil (who plays the synth, performs vocals) and other project musicians who perform along with sequenced/programmed accompaniment. Dave writes and performs all of the music. Manzil sounds like parts of the 80's living the 90's with a touch of the new millennium. Sounding sometimes retro, sometimes modern, Manzil music is both peppy and melancholy at the same time. Keyboard/synth-driven, some of the music is infused with guitar arrangements. Guitarist Rob Johnson (Bloodshot Iris) has contributed touches of rock guitar from his experiences in playing in rock and punk bands. Dave, mostly influenced by New Wave, mixes his own style in with touches of the past when writing on his synth. He feels a song can be catchy with an upbeat melody and still be dark...

Sample Some music here:

Here Nor There



Black Butterfly

One More Beer & I'm Kickin' Your Ass! 

It Was All So Strange

Big Bang 



Every Song I Sing